Фоно-типологические расстояния по смычности согласных в некоторых языках мира как показатель степени схожести их звуковой картины

Yuriy Tambovtsev, Alina Tambovtseva, Lyudmila Tambovtseva


By occlusive consonants the speech sounds which are produced by some sort of constriction in the human sound tract are meant. In this article, the occurrence of occlusive consonants was considered in different language subgroups, groups, and families, that is language taxa. It is still an enigma why some languages produce many occlusive consonants in their speech sound chains while others do not. Thus, some world languages may have many occlusive consonants in their sound speech chains, e.g., Nenets of the Samoyedic (Samodian) taxon (22.67%). The mean of occlusive consonants in Samoedic taxon is 26.74%, while in the taxon of the Australian aboriginals the mean is only 19.49%. The occlusive data in every language taxon are compared to the other language taxa by the mean values.

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