Этимологические заметки по исторической топонимии России: Иртыш, Пермь, Урал

Maksim Anatolyevich Yuyukin


Inthis article, the author suggests new etymologies for three Russian toponyms: Irtysh (from Old Turkic ert- 'to move, pass along, flow' with the suffix - which derives nouns from verbalstems), Perm (from Finno-Ugric *perma 'gadfly': a Baltic Finnishcalque of an unattested Komi tribe name having a counterpart in Udmurtethnonymics), and Ural (from Turkic *or (Tatar, Bashkir, Chuvash ur) 'ditch, ravine, river' (themountain range Ural-Tau, whose name was extended to the whole mountainsystem, is characterized by lowlands between separate heights and is thesource of many rivers) + the adjective suffix -al richly represented inthis region).

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